Toshiba Probe Repair Transducer giving you grief? Call the Toshiba probe repair experts at MPI Probe Labs today.

Toshiba is known for manufacturing some of the most reliable and high quality ultrasound machines in the industry. But, even top-of-the-line products are not immune to damage and malfunctions. If your Toshiba probe is not working properly, trust the experts at MPI Probe Labs to diagnose and repair it right away.

Our highly trained technicians know Toshiba transducers inside and out, and we can identify and correct problems with your probe quickly and accurately. Whether the problem is due to wear and tear, defective OEM parts or physical damage to the transducer, we’ll pinpoint the issue and have the probe back to you in as little as two days.

From linear, endocavity and transesophageal probes to convex, curved array and 3D/4D transducers, our experienced technicians possess superior product knowledge to tackle virtually any issue, including:

  • Array replacements – indications that a replacement is needed include large dropouts while scanning or unprovoked color issues.
  • Cable replacements – signs of trouble include severe physical damage to the cable or color noise generated by moving the cable around.
  • Lens installations – issues are recognizable by visible damage to the lens or bubbles and raised sections on the membrane.

As a recognized leader in Toshiba probe repair, we are committed to providing you a hassle-free, seamless experience and affordable rates that work with your budget.

We conduct all probe repairs in-house, with the latest tools and diagnostic software, and we strive to exceed OEM quality standards with every repair. Because a poorly working probe has a direct impact on your ability to provide proper patient care, we expedite turnaround for common issues and can even provide a loaner unit for repairs that take longer.

If your Toshiba ultrasound probe no longer provides the high-quality images you need, contact us for a free repair estimate right away.

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