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Fluid Intrusion: Number One Cause of Probe Failure

July 26, 2016By MPI LabsProbe Repair

There are a number of tests and tools technicians can use in the field to avoid flooding probes, but many hospitals do not implement or adequately enforce model specific disinfection. As a result, we see many areas of probes submerged that should not be, particularly probe connectors which are often either submerged in fluid or misted with disinfectant. When fluid infiltration goes unnoticed, plugging a wet probe into a system can result in costly or irreparable damage to the probe, the ultrasound system and electrical shock to the patient or technician. How to Spot the Signs Immediately remove a probe […]

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Laparoscopic Probe Repair

February 17, 2016By MPI LabsProbe Repair

At MPI Probe Labs we are constantly striving to offer the most comprehensive probe repair capabilities in the marketplace. By incorporating our industry leading TEE repair technology we have developed a range of Laparoscopic repair capabilities on more models and brands than any other industry repair facility. With ongoing breakthroughs in engineering and repair technology we are constantly expanding our probe repair capabilities. Common Repairs: Tip refurbishments and polish Lens refurbishments Replacement of bending neck section Articulation adjustment, articulation cable replacement/system overhaul Insertion tube refurbishment and alignment Wire re-termination Fluid and corrosion mitigation resulting from improper sterilization Electronic and connector […]

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Cosmetic Probe Repair: Before and After

January 14, 2016By MPI LabsProbe Repair

MPI Probe Labs has a longstanding reputation for taking on some of the toughest and most complex repairs.  What you may not know is that we are equally skilled in probe repair cosmetics and can refurbish the worst cases.   Cosmetic repairs are not only affordable but can be completed in under a week, some within a day.  See examples below of what you can expect from an MPI refurbishment. Probe cable whitening: before and after.               Lens refurbishment: before and after.               Cable jacket repair: before and after.   […]

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What You Should Know About Probe Repair Exchanges

November 13, 2015By MPI LabsRepair of the Month

Repair is almost always the best solution when dealing with a malfunctioning transducer.   Not only is repair more cost effective, it ensures you end up with YOUR original probe back.  Exchanges can seem like a great choice in the short term because it offers an immediate solution.  But, there is a catch to receiving an exchange probe, you are getting back a probe with an uncertain history. Case in point; a recent customer sent this Toshiba PVT-375BT to MPI Labs for evaluation.  This exchange probe was purchased by a customer from a “reputable” probe repair company.  The repair company’s claim […]

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BK Probe Chemical Damage Mitigation

October 14, 2015By MPI LabsRepair of the Month

Dealing with severely chemically damaged probes is an everyday occurrence for us. Whether BK, TEE, or general/endo probes, we can repair and mitigate the most severe cases. This BK probe was sent to us to have the strains re-sealed because they were failing leakage. This probe had massive prior internal damage and had been through a few repair facilities but had never been opened. The fact that it was still imaging is a testament to the quality and resilience of BK products- not the prior “repairs” that kept this probe limping along. Nevertheless, the corrosion posed a serious functionality and […]

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