TEE Probe Repair Repair your TEE probe for a fraction of the cost of acquiring a new one.

Transesophageal echocardiogram (TEE) probes are vital to cardiac care, providing clear imagery and data that can be a life-saver for heart patients. If your TEE probe is not functioning correctly, you need to get it back online fast. The good news is that in most cases, you don’t need a new probe.

Our expert technicians can analyze TEE probe issues and turn around repairs quickly at affordable rates, so you can continue providing outstanding treatment to your cardiac patients.

Common Causes of TEE Probe Failure

One of the most common TEE probe issues we see is fluid infiltration. If there is a visible fluid leak, corrosion of the connector pin block and BNS, or the probe fails a leakage test, immediate repair is needed. Holes in the BNS and insertion tube, as well as gaps or cracks in the tip, are other recognizable signs of possible fluid infiltration within your TEE probe. Even when issues are not readily visible, the probe might either crash the system or prompt an error code when plugged in if there is fluid in the probe.

Other common TEE probe repairs we perform include:

  • BNS installation repair, when there are holes or drag marks on the beads, or because the BNS has become chemically compromised.
  • Tip installation repair, when there is air under the lens (if visible), if the probe fails calibration, or if the probe is cracked or fails a leakage test.
  • Articulation cable replacements or adjustments, if the articulation is too tight, too lose, or not fluid in movement, or if the probe fails to articulate at all, due to broken cables.
  • Recoating of the insertion tube (IT), indicated by faded depth markings, chemical damage, bite marks, crushed areas, and leakage failure.

We conduct all probe repairs in-house and can troubleshoot models from every major TEE probe manufacturer, including Siemens, Acuson, Philips, GE, Agilent and HP. We can even repair pediatric TEE probes and those from lesser-known OEMs. We also offer repair services for other standard probes, including 3D/4D transducers. Not only do we promise rapid turnaround times and exceptional quality work, but in the case of longer repairs, we often can provide a loaner unit to get you back up and running the next day.

Avoid the expense of replacing your TEE probe, and contact us for a free probe repair estimate right away.

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