PROBE REPAIR Blazing fast probe repair, industry leading technicians, and high quality results.

More than 70% of ultrasound service calls are probe related, which is why we’ve focused our efforts on building the most effective probe repair team in the industry. Each of our technicians has at least eight years’ experience in probe repair, with an extensive pool of knowledge that guarantees high quality results on every repair—no matter the probe or the problem.

We can fix anything from basic lenses to advanced 4D and TEE probes, and we do it all using custom software that allows for both faster turnaround times and more accurate results.

It saddens us to hear that our competitors are calling perfectly fixable probes “unrepairable” in order to push for an exchange sale. Our philosophy is pretty simple: “if it’s broke, fix it!” We’ll get your original probe back to you in a condition as good or better than it was the day it came off the assembly line (and your budget will thank us).

Some of the common probe repairs we do include:

  • Fluid Infiltration
  • Lens Damage Repair
  • Scan Head Housing
  • Hardened Strain Relief
  • Array Damage
  • Motor Control Failure
  • Air Bubbles
  • Articulation Adjustments
  • Cable Replacements
  • Corrosion

Do You Need Probe Repair for Any of These Problems?

Working with us means no worries, no ridiculous wait times, and no outrageous fees. We simply do what we do best – provide you with a cost-effective way to get your probes repaired. Fast.

And yes, we really can fix any probe.

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