Beware of the discount probe repair

SIMPLY THE BEST PROBE REPAIR FIRM IN THE INDUSTRY. We don't do it all, in fact our expertise is mainly around probe repair. We're so good at it we can almost do it with our eyes closed.

Can we fix your probe?

In a word: yes.
We’re the guys you go to when other probe repair companies are scratching their heads. We have the knowledge and experience to take on the toughest cases, including repairs other companies won’t even attempt. Plus, we’re comfortable with almost every probe out there—from the oldest models to the newest, the most common to the most obscure. We repair the most important brands in ultrasound: GE, Philips, ATL, Acuson, SonoSite, Toshiba…just to name a few.
And if we’re that confident about the challenging repairs, you can imagine how we feel about the easy ones. We won’t literally do those repairs with our eyes closed, but we probably could.

Other ways we can help

We’re proud to offer an exciting new option for healthcare facilities with existing in-house equipment repair capabilities: ProbeLabs. Think of these as your “probe repair DIY kits.”

We also connect customers with ultrasound solutions, including both new and high quality refurbished equipment and probes. Let our experienced consultants help you find the manufacturers and options that make the most sense for you.

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Ready to see the MPI difference?