Scan Head Housing Repair Need to get the scan head housing on your probe resealed? Let our team of experts handle it for you.

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Scan head housing reseals are one of the most common repairs we perform at MPI labs. We can complete the repair in less than 24 hours, allowing you to save money and quickly start using your probe to serve patients again.

Gaps in a probe’s scan head housing can put your hospital at risk.

Unlike lens damage and cable problems, gaps in the scan head housing of a probe can be difficult for you to detect with a visual inspection. That’s why it’s critical for you to send your probe to our team immediately if you suspect that something is wrong.

We have the skills necessary to inspect your probe’s scan head housing thoroughly. Then, we can make a quick repair that will prevent the problems caused by gaps in the scan head housing, which include:

  • Patient risks due to bacteria/biohazards
  • Corrosion and damage to the internal working of the probe
  • Electrical leakage

When these problems occur, you may be forced to spend thousands of dollars replacing your probe, and you could even face facility liability issues due to the patient risks involved.

Preventative maintenance is key to avoiding problems with your ultrasound probes.

Our team will reseal your scan head housing quickly, and we get the job done right the first time. For the most peace of mind, choose a preventative maintenance plan that includes scan head housing repair so you can avoid more costly problems down the road.

Trust MPI Probe Labs as your go-to resource for scan head housing repairs. Request a free probe repair estimate today!

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