Probe Cable Replacement

Often, ultrasound probe cables break because of improper storage methods. But even if your hospital staff takes great care to handle your ultrasound probes properly, you may occasionally notice a broken cable due to normal wear and tear.

Quick cable replacement helps you provide proper patient care.

If you’ve dealt with a broken probe cable before, you know that it causes frustrating problems like color noise in the ultrasound image when the cable is moved. This has a direct effect on the quality of care you provide to your patients.

Fortunately, you can usually identify a broken probe cable with ease by visually inspecting it. When you notice that the cable is showing signs of physical damage, you know that it’s time to send your probe off for the proper repairs.

Trust the experts when you notice a broken ultrasound probe cable.

As the top ultrasound probe repair firm in the industry, we take great care to get all repairs done right the first time. Not only are we a cost-effective option – we prioritize speed and get your repaired probes back to you as quickly as possible.

Because we truly believe that hospitals shouldn’t have to do without their critical ultrasound equipment, we can even provide a loaner unit when extensive, time-consuming repairs are needed. That way, you can continue to focus on delivering high-quality care to your patients.

Trust MPI Probe Labs as your go-to resource for probe damage repairs. Request a free probe repair estimate today!

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