Probe Lens Damage Repair Has your ultrasound image quality lowered due to a damaged lens? Let our team know, and we’ll repair your probe quickly.

Even the most careful hospital staff member may accidentally drop a probe when moving ultrasound equipment from room to room.

While dropping a probe is one of the leading causes of lens damage, it can also occur due to chemical exposure and/or normal wear-and-tear. So, don’t think that your probe is safe from lens damage just because you haven’t dropped it – be proactive about recognizing lens damage and getting your probes repaired as needed.

Fast lens damage repair helps you avoid the need to replace your probe.

Not only does lens damage lower ultrasound image quality – it can cause fluid infiltration when cracks in the lens allow various fluids to enter the probe and destroy it from within. When this happens, you may need to replace your probe completely due to the irreparable damage caused.

That’s why fast lens damage repair is critical – it helps you avoid the high cost of purchasing a new probe for your hospital and allows you to start treating patients again quickly.

Our trained probe repair team will get the job done right the first time.

As probe repair specialists, we understand that damaged probes can directly affect your ability to provide top-quality care to your patients. So, we prioritize speed and accuracy when making repairs, and we can even provide you with a loaner unit when a repair is time-consuming.

Don’t trust discount probe repair shops who try to up-sell you and take too long making important repairs to your probes. Choose the team at MPI labs for the best results.

Trust MPI Probe Labs as your go-to resource for probe lens damage repairs. Request a free probe repair estimate today!

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