GE Probe Repair If your GE transducer doesn’t deliver the image quality you need, call the probe repair experts at MPI today.

Not known for their reliability and durability, ultrasound transducers from GE are a mainstay of the healthcare industry. With proper care, GE probes can last for years—but damage due to a transducer being dropped or excessive wear-and-tear is sometimes unavoidable.

If your GE probe is malfunctioning, the experts at MPI Probe Labs can help.

We can tackle virtually any issue for a full range of GE ultrasound probes, as well as probes from other major manufacturers, including:

  • Lens installations – when there is visible damage to the lens or bubbles and raised sections on the membrane.
  • Strain replacements – when there is color nose at the head side, strains are torn or chemically compromised/hardened, or to fix issues caused by after-market or ill-fitting replacements.
  • Retermination of wires – when there is inappropriate color noise or for OEM strain replacements.
  • Housing reseals – when there are gaps in the housing seals or in the case of leakage failure.
  • Cable jacket repairs – when there are cuts in the cable jacket or if strains separate from the cable.

Our highly skilled team possesses a depth of knowledge for GE probe repair issues and excels at diagnosing transducer problems quickly and accurately. We turn around needed repairs in a flash—frequently in only two days—and we can often provide a loaner unit if more time is needed, so you can treat your patients without further delay.

Trust MPI to deliver a seamless, hassle-free experience for your GE ultrasound probe repair. Contact us for a free repair estimate right away.

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