Probe Fluid Infiltration Repair Find out that fluid is leaking into your probe? Call our probe repair team today.

With ultrasound probes exposed to a number of fluids (gels, bodily fluids, and disinfectants) regularly, it’s easy to understand how even a tiny crack in a probe could lead to fluid infiltration.

Identify fluid infiltration before it becomes a worse problem.

If you’ve ever had to replace an ultrasound probe, you know that doing so can cost your hospital thousands of dollars. What you may not realize is that fluid infiltration can easily lead to problems which may cause you to have to replace your probe, including:

  • Corrosion
  • Damaged crystal arrays
  • Short circuiting PCB boards

These problems cause your probe to become completely destroyed from within, making it unsalvageable. Not only could replacing your probe be expensive – if you continue to use it while it is damaged, you could put your patients at risk. That’s why it’s critical for you to contact a probe repair specialist the moment you suspect fluid infiltration.

Trust the experts to repair your ultrasound probes.

When fluid has infiltrated your ultrasound probe, trust the highly trained team at MPI labs to identify the problem and make repairs. We carefully inspect ultrasound probes for cracks and holes to determine where the fluid is entering the probe. From there, we make the necessary repairs so you can avoid replacing the probe.

And don’t worry – our budget-friendly rates won’t make you break the bank when you need your probe repaired fast. We’ll get the job done right the first time so you can quickly start caring for patients again.

Trust MPI Probe Labs as your go-to resource for probe fluid infiltration repairs. Request a free probe repair estimate today!

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