Probe Array Damage Repair Is your probe’s array damaged? We can help by replacing it quickly.

Inherently fragile probes are especially susceptible to array damage, but damage to the array can also occur when the probe is not disinfected properly or when it is dropped.

While array damage can often be avoided with proper probe care/handling, accidents are still possible. But don’t worry – if a staff member has dropped or mishandled one of your probes and it is no longer working properly, you can trust our highly trained team to get it working again.

Replace a damaged array so you can better serve your patients.

Array damage is common with PVT-375BT probes and C5-1 probes, but you may find a damaged array in a different type of probe when it has been dropped or improperly disinfected. This type of damage is a problem because it causes large dropouts while scanning and/or color noise, lowering the overall quality of your ultrasound image and hindering you from serving your patients properly.

You want the best ultrasound repair team on your side.

When array damage has occurred, you need a fast, effective solution and probe repair team. That’s where we come in – we work quickly to replace the damaged array in your probe so you can resume providing your patients with the best care possible.

Because we know how important your ultrasound probes are, we can even provide you with a loaner unit while our team works to get your probe back in excellent working condition.

Trust MPI Probe Labs as your go-to resource for array damage repairs. Request a free probe repair estimate today!

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