Beware of the discount probe repair

A DIVERSE, PASSIONATE COLLECTIVE OF PROBE REPAIR PROFESSIONALS. Our culture is built around cooperation and we thrive in an upbeat and dynamic environment where we work closely with clients to ensure that their probe is repaired properly and quickly the first time.

We’re the top ultrasound probe repair firm in the industry.

That sounds trite, but we know it’s true because we used to be probe repair customers ourselves. Back when our primary focus was on connecting clients with new ultrasound equipment, we struggled to find a reliable partner for probe repairs—until the day we realized we could do it better ourselves.

We’re setting the bar higher.

Today, we’re proud to have the best probe repair engineers in the industry on our team. We do everything in-house, using state-of-the-art software, which supports our blazing fast turnaround times. We also firmly uphold our mission to maintain or exceed OEM quality standards in all of our repairs, regardless of complexity.

Because you have no time (or money) to waste.

Another perk of being former customers is that we understand what current customers need: high quality repairs and quick turnaround times at cost effective prices. Hospitals and clinics can’t afford to have ultrasound equipment out of commission for long, any more than they can afford to repeat service due to poor quality initial repair jobs. Our quality failure rate is only 0.7%–the lowest in the industry.

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