All probe repair facilities claim they are specialists. Some are.

Is your probe repair facility winning business with gimmicky discount tricks and claiming full service expertise so they can maximize their revenues? When your repair facility would rather tell you about all of their other services and sell you a bunch of additional items you don’t really need, run the other way. Piling on additional add ons and services doesn’t help you take care of patients, it erects unnecessary costs.

Full service doesn’t last. Only meaningful expertise to fix your probe right the first time does.

We’re MPI Labs. For nearly ten years we’ve been focused on probe repairs without ever losing sight of the who matters most–the customer.

With ultrasound and probe technology moving at lightning speed hiring a partner who understands that technology and the complexity that comes with the hundreds of different probe models is vital to getting you back up and running as quickly as possible. There’s no probe repair we haven’t tackled, no advanced technology we haven’t seen.

We understand at the end of the day this is a service business and we’ll never try to win your business by being the cheapest or discounts that get you in the door, but then try to throw on a bunch of additional services and extras you don’t need to make up the revenue difference.

At MPI Labs our only goal is to make you so unbelievably happy with amazing customer service, blazing fast turn around times, and a repair that diagnosis the issue properly the first time so that we become part of your trusted network for years to come.

Are you ready to see the MPI Difference? Get in touch, we promise you won’t be disappointed.