Honesty and quality are central to everything we do at MPI Probe Labs.

We realize that most of our customers have limited knowledge of the inner workings of transducers and we appreciate what our customers are entrusting to us when they send in a probe for repair. We also know that being honest with our customer benefits us 100% of the time.

Is your probe repair company being honest with you?

The image below details a botched lens removal by an unnamed probe repair facility. During the lens removal process the tech cut into the array causing severe array damage. Rather than admitting the mistake by their repair tech, the company blamed the failure of the repair on a backing layer that does not even exist on this probe model. The other repair company’s solution was to deem the probe unrepairable and sell the customer the “free” loaner they were using. The purchase of the loaner was going to cost the customer 4x as much as the original repair quote.

failed probe

Simply having a loaner available is no indication that a company can repair that model probe. Be wary of companies whose loaner’s come easy. Loaners are often used as a bait and switch tactic for probe repair companies. It is easy for anyone to offer a “free” loaner when they never intend on performing the repairs. Its just as easy to sell the more expensive loaner as a replacement and push the burden onto the customer.